Andrée Pouliot lived and worked in India for 17 years. Her miniature paintings integrate the intimate themes and delicate techniques of Indian miniature painting with her training in Western visual art to create a unique synthesis of East and West.

" I am a visual storyteller."

Andrée's artistic training includes; Honours diploma in Commercial Art, Ottawa. Also; life drawing, photography, image transfer, textile printing ( 15 year's experience in design and production of traditional textiles in India , hand-printed with carved wood blocks) Japanese ink painting, computer graphics, miniature painting, to name some of her training. Andrée has also studied Hinduism, Indian Mythology and Indian classical dance. She has conducted in-depth research into all forms of Indian arts and crafts, textile history and design, Indian miniature painting, folk tales, classical erotic literature of India and Persia ( the Kama Sutra, the Perfumed Garden ) and Sanskrit love poetry.

In 2000, Andrée assisted with research, documentation and and acquisitions at the Canadian Museum of Civilization for the exhibit: "India - the Living Arts".

This year she is creating animated digital art pieces with her own paintings and stories. Other projects include working on a series of paintings based on the 1001 Nights, designed to be printed as a deck of art cards. As well, she has begun work on an image-exchange project with an artist in Havana, Cuba, involving 'visual correspondance' in paintings and digital media.