Première: Toronto Dance Theatre, September 1994

Choreography, dancer: Anjali
Music: Dan Sauvé
Mask: Andrée Pouliot
Images: Tony and Anne-Marie Gaston
Costumes and design: Thea Yeatman
Choreography Coach: Patricia Beatty

The Story
The Isé shrine of Japan is dedicated to the Sun Goddess, Amaterasu. According to the legend of the shrine, one day, the sun goddess, offended, retired into a cave and plunged the world into interminable night.

Alarmed, the deities gathered to coax her out, luring her with their laughter The sun goddess, curious, peeked out to find a mirror placed there by the other deities. Fascinated by her brilliant reflection, she emerged, and light was restored. The juxtaposition of the dark cave and the emergence of life represents many layers of allegory. The role of laughter, that most human of all expressions, as the key to salvation, is surely unique.