George Sapounidis

George Sapounidis has been called a poster boy for Canadian multiculturalism, "a modern day Theodore Bikel" and "all around musical ambassadeur du monde". He sings in nine different languages, and is a virtuoso on the Greek bouzouki. He has performed at five international performing arts Festivals in mainland China, at the National Arts Centre, across Canada as well as in Greece and the U.S. He currently heads The George Sapounidis Trio which performs international and original songs from around the world using a variety of musical instruments from the Greek, Chinese, African, and Western traditions.

During 1988-1997 he was leader of the Greek-Canadian band Ouzo Power that brought the sound of contemporary Greek music to audiences at Canadian multicultural and folk music festivals as well as to CBC radio and television.

He studied classical guitar with the Spanish virtuoso Jose Luis Rodrigo, and in Athens with Gerasimos Miliaresis who was a student of Andres Segovia. He toured with Greek multicultural singer Eugenia Siriotis, and studied bouzouki with Costas Apostolakis in Toronto. In 2002, he released a CD called "Songs About China and Greece".

He holds a Ph.D. in Statistics from the University of Toronto.

"With passion and respect, George Sapounidis delivers an intoxicating musical cocktail of Greek exuberance and Chinese tranquility. He charms and delights his audiences with the best of both worlds and more!"

Robert Yip, Director, Chinese Canadian National Council